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Services for Individuals, Couples & Families

We offer a multitude of counseling services for individuals, couples, teens and family. All of our services are provided by our trained and specialized counselors. To see our full list of counseling services, click the link below.

Services for Departments

We can help your department beyond critical incidents and wellness program consulting. To see our services offered, click the link below.

Counseling services based in the Monterey Bay Area and online throughout California.

At Code 3 Counseling, we provide mental health services to all residents of California. We offer multiple specialties from our staff members.

Photo of a couple kissing in bed finally feeling connected and happy together after going through marriage counseling.

Marriage Counseling

Relationships truly are a challenge. And sometimes, it feels like you can't get a foothold when the world is against you. Our relationship experts can help you find ways of creating connection and intimacy, and feel fulfilled in your relationship.

Photo of a mom with her sons smiling and feeling happy after completing counseling for moms.

Counseling for Moms

Moms struggle with a multitude of issues that can create problems in all areas of life. From maternal mental health to infertility to life transitions, we are here for you.

Photo of a man looking over the mountains, feeling peace after completing anxiety counseling services.

Anxiety Counseling

You may feel at a loss, but you are not alone. You can receive high-quality help from a licensed professional and find your hope again!

Photo of a gravestone at Arlington Cemetery representing the grief of losing a friend, and needing grief counseling support.

Grief Counseling

Grief can come in many forms. Whether you are grieving a parent, a child, the loss of a dream, or even the loss of a limb, our counselors are here to help you through the process.

Photo of the American Flag representing the service of first responders and military

First Responders, Military & their Families

We offer specialized services to first responders, military, and their families. All of our staff has special training and a unique understanding of the culture. We are here to support you!

Photo of three women holding the American flag, showing their love and support of their law enforcement husbands.

Counseling for Military & First Responder Spouses

There was no academy for spouses to know how to live this life. We will help you!

Photo of a female paramedic feeling confident in herself after going through counseling for women.

Counseling for Women Responders & Women in the Military

Being in this career can be hard as a woman. We can help you be an inspiration for others!

Photo of a man kissing a woman's hand with her wedding ring on, showing the happiness and joy for their marriage after completing premarital counseling.

Premarital Counseling

You said "Yes!" to each other! But you both know planning for the marriage is just as important as planning the wedding. We can help you create a foundation of trust and intimacy for the life ahead!

Photo of flowers dying in a vase, representing the lifelessness felt after an affair and the need for affair recovery counseling.

Affair Recovery Counseling

When the worst has happened to your relationship, the pain can feel overwhelming. We can help you find healing.

Photo of a compass on the Bible showing the importance of following God's guidance when he heals us through counseling services.

Christian Counseling

God created us to live life with others, especially in hard seasons. We can provide you with counseling that understands the importance your faith plays in the process of healing.

Photo of a teen smiling while camping with her family, feeling happy after finishing teen counseling services.

Teen Counseling

Your teenager faces a world that you as a parent were not anticipating. Our counselors can help your teen better cope with the challenges in this world, and help you connect more with your teen.

Photo of a man in an online therapy session.

Online Counseling

Whether you live in a rural area, or you have a crazy schedule, online counseling can make it easy to receive the support you need from a licensed professional. Our counselors are well-versed in the online counseling realm, and are ready to support you!

Photo of a firefighter above a fire trying to put it out with the hose, the critical incident that he needs counseling support for.

Critical Incident Counseling

Do you find yourself having a hard time letting go of those certain calls? We can help!

Photo of a man holding a newspaper that is on fire, representing the need for him to get stress management counseling.

Stress Management Counseling

Stress is hard to deal with in a post-pandemic world. First responders experience stress in a very different way. Let us help!

Photo of a man lost in a fog, like how most responders feel who struggle with cumulative trauma and need counseling support.

Cumulative Trauma Counseling

First responder work can be traumatic. When it keeps you from feeling free, we are here to help!

Photo of a woman sad and looking out the window after struggling with vicarious trauma, realizing she needs counseling support.

Vicarious Trauma Counseling

Sometimes, it can feel like you are experiencing the hurt and pain of someone else. We are here to help you.

Photo of a man with his face in his hands during a trauma counseling session, on the road to recovery.

Trauma Counseling

You have been hurt and no longer feel safe. We have counselors with special training and experience in working with trauma survivors. We are here to help you feel free and peaceful again!

Photo of two adorandak chairs on the beach waiting for the retired man to relax after completing retirement counseling.

Retirement & Career Transition Counseling

Going from an officer to command staff, or into retirement, is challenging for those in the military and first responder world. Our counselors get it, and want to help you thrive in this change!

Photo of a compass in a hand pointing north, encouraging the man to seek counseling for career issues.

Career Dissatisfaction Counseling

You no longer feel fulfilled with work. We can help you find that purpose and joy in your work again!

Not sure what fits for you?

We offer a free 20-minute consultation for those interested in services. It will give you a chance to describe your particular issue, ask any questions about our experience, and help you feel more comfortable with us.

Department Wellness Services in California

We offer a multitude of services for our first responder and military departments throughout the State of California.


Wellness Program Consulting

If you are looking to improve your department's approach to the wellness of your responders, we can help. We will assess the strengths of your current programs and help you find the most effective areas for improvement. 


Critical Incident Response, Debriefing & Support

For first responders, critical incidents are expected. We can provide your department with immediate assessments, as well as short-term and long-term support.


Workshops & Seminars

We want to help your department, especially your responders and service members, in better understanding how to thrive in this first responder life. We can come and teach your staff on a multitude of wellness topics. 


Spousal Support Group Development

One of the challenging things a department faces is how to also support the spouses and significant others, who are the first line of defense for responder wellness. We can help you create and implement a program for them as well.


Group Support

We offer specific group support services to help responders and their families. All groups are highly confidential and all members must complete background forms to ensure the safety of participants. 

Not sure what fits for you?

We offer a free 20-minute consultation for those interested in services. It will give you a chance to describe your particular issue, ask any questions about our experience, and help you feel more comfortable with us.


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