Counseling Services in California

Photo of a fireman at the top of a ladder spraying water onto the fire blazing behind him.

Critical Incident Counseling

Do you find yourself not being able to let go of those calls? We can help!

Photo of a man walking in a cloud of fog seeming unable to cope with the traumatic things he has seen as a first responder.

Cumulative Trauma Counseling

First responder work can be traumatic. When it keeps you from feeling free, we are here to help!

Photo of a married couple laying in bed enjoying more intimacy after receiving marriage counseling.

Marriage Counseling

First responder marriages are the most challenging relationships. We know. We can help!

Photo of dead flowers wilting in a pitcher representing the hurt and pain caused by marital affairs.

Affair Recovery Counseling

When the worst has happened to your relationship, the pain can feel overwhelming. We can help you find healing.

Photo of the doors to a wedding chapel with wedding flowers decorating the frames.

Premarital Counseling

Planning a wedding? Preparing for a lifetime of love? We are here to help strengthen your marriage!

Photo of hands held up with red paint on the palms and the paint is placed to be the shape of a heart.

Counseling for Spouses of Responders

There was no academy for spouses to know how to live this life. We will help you!

Photo of a man sitting down holding a newspaper that is on fire, and he is ignoring the potential danger/risk of being burned in order to appear calm.

Stress Management Counseling

First responder stress is different than normal stress. Let us help!

Photo of a dad walking with his little son on the beach at sunset enjoying their family time together after receiving family counseling support.

Teen & Family Counseling

Even your kids are effected by the first responder lifestyle. We can help them, too.

Photo of a person on a video call doing online counseling.

Online Counseling

When it is a challenge to go to the office, or to find someone local who can help first responders, online counseling can help you.

Photo of a compass on top of a Bible laying on a map representing the journey you can take during Christian Counseling.

Christian Counseling

Many first responders and their families have strong beliefs. We can help you understand your walk with God more clearly.

Photo of a tombstone at Viginia's Arlington Cemetery representing the loss many can experience working in the service.

Grief Counseling

Grief can impact first responders, military, and their families in a variety of ways. We can help you find peace after loss.

Photo of an angry man screaming with his fingers scratching at his face.

Anger Management Counseling

First responders can't get angry at work, so how do you manage all the frustration? We are here!

Photo of a woman's hand on a window looking out at the rain falling.

Vicarious Trauma Counseling

Sometimes, it can feel like you are experiencing the hurt and pain of someone else. We are here to help you.

Photo of three women standing facing away from the camera holding each others arms/hands for support after their group counseling session.

LEOW Support Group

Being the wife of law enforcement can be scary, especially right now. Let us support you.

Photo of empty chairs waiting for a seminar to be filled.

Workshops & Seminars

Have a larger need for your department? We can help improve the overall wellbeing of the folks in your department.

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