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You can't seem to get it together. You struggle with focusing on any task you have. Forgetfulness and frustration has become the norm for you. You find yourself shutting out the ones you love quickly and easily. You may even notice physical problems arise when you feel stressed, including headaches, muscle pain, sleep issues, and high blood pressure, to name a few. And none of these issues makes the stress you feel any easier to manage.

Stress for first responders can come from anywhere.

Stressors from outside ourselves

● Department Related Issues● Family Problems● Financial Struggles● Death of a loved one● Divorce● Moving to a New Home

Stressors from within ourselves

● Poor Self-Confidence● Unmet Expectations● Perfectionism● Difficulty Responding to Change● Unrealistic Expectations fo Self● Fear About the Future

No matter your stressors, right now, your stress is getting out of control, and you can barely keep afloat.

You can find rest. 

Close-up photo of a man laughing feeling free and happy after receiving stress management counseling.

Through counseling, we can work together to find creative solutions by using the strengths you already have. We will work together to find out the patterns that are not helping, and find new ways of approaching your specific stressors.
Working as a first responder is already stressful enough. Our goal is to help you be in control of how much the stress impacts your ability to live freely. You will see these changes allow you to be yourself again without the stress topping you from enjoying the everyday moments.
Stress-management counseling sessions are 45-50 minutes in length. To know the fees and costs for sessions, look here. These sessions are usually scheduled every one to two weeks, based on your needs and schedule. Depending on your goals and personal needs, counseling can be as brief as 8-10 sessions, or last for several months.

Still not sure about it?

We offer a free 20-minute consultation for those interested in services. It will give you a chance to describe your particular issue, ask any questions about our experience, and help you feel more comfortable with us.

"Do not pray for an easy life. Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one."

Bruce Lee


Serving folks in person in the Monterey Bay Area and online throughout the State of California.

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