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In today's world, first responders need quality and effective wellness programs. Many departments will send some folks through a peer support training and believe that is enough.
However, in our experience, a department needs more specialized and custom services.
We believe there is not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to wellness programs. Our staff can work with you to identify what areas of your wellness program are working well and how to continue to take advantage of that. We can also work with you to better understand what areas your department can continue to grow in, and then develop a specific plan that works within your department.
Our goal is to ensure that your folks truly feel supported by your wellness program without breaking the bank, in order to decrease the negative impact of the job on your responders and increase the retention rate of your hires.

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What does the process look like?

Experienced team

Our team has experience working with responders and understanding the unique dynamics within departments.

Custom-tailored approach

We ensure the plans we develop will work within the unique dynamics of your specific department.

Based in Research

Our team utilizes approaches and tools that have been proven through extensive research to be effective in wellness programs.

Multiple Tracks

Our consult is based in two different wellness tracks. You can get the free download to learn about each track.


Our free download briefly explains the different tracks for a wellness program.

There are two basic tracks for a wellness program that is supported through research. The most common is Peer Support. The second is trauma-based, such as the one developed at Huntington Beach Police Department.
We offer a free download that helps to explain the difference between the tracks, as well as different aspects of a wellness program that can be helpful in creating an effective and useful program.


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