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First responder departments do not have it easy. There are so many things you have to manage, so many plates you have to juggle. And there are quite a few things that are expected of departments that , let's be honest, you were not trained to do. And guess what? It still has to get done. So you buck up and get it done.
But once in a while, something happens that shakes things up a little bit more than the usual things do. A really bad peds call, a fire that got out of control, a line of duty death.
And while the department as a whole tries its best to manage the aftermath, sometimes it just isn't enough. Sometimes you need people who have the extra training to provide the immediate support necessary to avoid any long-term effects.
That is where we come in.


We provide virtual and on-site debriefings with trained counselors.

Our counselors have both personal and professional insight into the ways a critical incident can impact a responder. We are able to utilize this insight to quickly build rapport and work towards trust with folks in order to better support them in debriefing and processing a critical incident.
We also have experience working with peer support teams to ensure the debriefing groups/times are helpful for the department as a whole as well as the individual responders who have been impacted by the incident.
Our goal is to help alleviate the immediate response of the incident, as well as lower the risk for long-term negative effects on your department and responders.

Critical Incident Support Services

One-on-One Support

For those most impacted by the incident, we can provide your staff with short- or long-term individual support.

Small Group Briefings

We can help to facilitate CISM briefings with your staff to help alleviate the impact on your helping/support staff.

Command/Peer Support Consultation

We can provide consultation with the staff leading the response to ensure they have the resources to help those impacted by the incident.

We can help your department when you need it!

We offer free 20-minute consultations with our incredible teamwho can help you understand if debriefing sessions would benefit your department. 

Small Group Debriefing

We are able to provide on-site debriefing groups to respond to critical incidents.


Our goal with small group debriefings is to empower your responders and staff to build and utilize resiliency skills to decrease the negative impact of the incident on their well-being. Our staff helps to facilitate discussions where your staff can share and listen appropriately to support each other after the incident. While the debriefing group is not a replacement for treatment of more serious reactions, we can assist folks in better understanding when they may need more intensive treatment, and provide them with referrals.

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    All debriefings are voluntary and confidential.

  • Participants can either contribute or say nothing, either is okay.

  • Educating folks about common responses and ways of practicing resiliency is a priority.

Command & Peer Support Consultation

We can support your teams that are leading the responses, whether you use CISM, Trauma or ASHER models.


Many departments are able to have strong responses in house because of the community and camaraderie you have already worked so hard to develop. But even then, the ones doing the helping need support from time to time. Whether it is managing the added stress of being on the peer support team, or how to handle a specific situation or incident, we can help!

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    All consultations are kept completely confidential.

  • We can be available for a quick call or a debriefing for the team, as well.

  • We have many resources we can get you all connected with, even outside of Code 3 Counseling!

Want to help your team today?

We offer free 20-minute consultations with our incredible teamwho can help you understand if debriefing sessions would benefit your team. 

Common Types of Critical Incidents

Critical incidents are quite common for first responders. A CI can be anything that causes a challenging and overwhelming response for an individual. Some common CIs include:

● Traffic collisions with multiple fatalities or severely disfigured survivors.● A severe child abuse case.● The death of a child or baby.● Officer involved shooting. ● A particularly graphic crime scene. ● A violent call that consumes a dispatcher’s shift. ● The violent response of civilians to a situation, such as rioting after an OIS.

It is important to remember that two individuals can be involved in the same CI, and both can have different responses to the incident. Just because one partner was able to avoid an overwhelming reaction to the death of a child DOES NOT mean the other should not have a response.

Photo of police standing outside of a scene of a critical incident.

How can debriefing sessions help my team after a critical incident?

  • Reduces the distress associated with a CI. 

    In sessions with us, your folks can find ways of taking back control of your responses. Your folks will learn how to keep their reactions to the incident from causing disruptions in their lives.

  • Helps understand what is going on.

    When a responder experiences a CI, the brain and body react in ways you may not understand. We can help your team understand what is going on and how to keep it from controlling themselves.

  • Learn tools to calm your mind. 

    Your team can find peace and rest for the whirlwind going on inside their heads. And not just tools to escape the pain, but to keep it from consuming themselves.

  • To become empowered. 

    CI stress can be overwhelming and can often feel like it is running your mind. Your folks can learn how to gain control and fulfill their calling with a life that they enjoy.

  • Find your meaning. 

    Serving in the world of first responders is a calling, not a job. The darkness of CIs does not have to destroy your purpose, and your team can find out how it fits into the story of their calling.

Still not sure about it?

We offer a free 20-minute consultation for those interested in services. It will give you a chance to describe your particular issue, ask any questions about our experience, and help you feel more comfortable with us.

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