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Liz Durfee, ACSWMental Health Counselor

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Are you struggling in the current season to stay afloat? Does it seem like you are gasping for air, using what little energy you have to make it to the next day?
Are you feeling overwhelmed by work, raising kids, trying to revive a marriage that seems to have derailed, or all these combined?
Is there a feeling of purpose or passion missing from your life?
Maybe there is a feeling of not being that authentic you that makes you feel alive and thriving in this world. Maybe you are finding it harder to move past experiences or are questioning yourself more than ever.
Are you starting a brand new chapter in your life and facing doubt, fear, and other overwhelming feelings?
It doesn't seem like anything is refilling you or getting you to that level you’re looking for. Let me help you find ways to refill yourself and find the balance you’ve been searching for in life.
Whatever it is, I am here to help get to where you are wanting to go.

Taking the first step toward counseling can be intimidating, but the investment in yourself and how you want to live your life is worth the opportunity to explore.
What you can expect from your counseling experience with me is having a supportive individual to stand with you in the storm and explore what is causing your season to have turbulence. My approach is to embrace where you are, ask lots of questions to better understand how this storm is impacting you, and ultimately help you find tools that will help keep you dry as you navigate through the storm to a more enjoyable season in your life.
Change is hard, especially when we are running on empty. I bring an atmosphere of kindness, acceptance, and curiosity to safely explore the vulnerable parts of yourself where change happens. Being a support for individuals moving through periods of change and growth in their journey is an absolute privilege. I specialize in military and first responders, trauma, couples, parent challenges, and have a personal background in a law enforcement and military family.


Liz provides specialized services as an online counselor.
Though the commitment to counseling can seem overwhelming, online and telehealth options offer the flexibility to invest in yourself while keeping your busy schedule, save time without a commute, and meet when you have little ones in the home or from the pick-up line at your kids’ school.

Liz Durfee is one of our clinical counselors as a registered Associate Clinical Social Worker.
Liz is an Army veteran with over five years of active-duty experience as an officer having served with the 101st Airborne at Fort Campbell, KY and the 11th Signal Brigade at Fort Bliss, TX. After her active-duty service, Liz earned her Master of Science in Social Work from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with a concentration in evidence-based interpersonal practice.
She not only has experience working with law enforcement and military families, but she also comes from a first responder and military family. Liz truly has a heart for supporting those who are called to these fields.
During her time in the military, Liz supported and assisted individuals within her unit with an array of challenges, including work-life balance, infidelity, career transition, and many other concerns faced by military members and their families. She also served as a Company Soldier and Family Readiness Group Leader helping to support over 280 military families. She has previous experience in helping individuals, organizations, and the community by promoting mental health awareness with an emphasis in military and first responder communities.
When it comes to clinical experience, Liz is ready to help you find your freedom again. Along with her experience working with first responders and military folks, Liz also has helped folks through relationship concerns and infidelity, stress management, anxiety, depression, parenting struggles, understanding child development, and career transitions.
The military lifestyle has allowed Liz to live on both the west and east coast, and several places in between. She loves being outside and exploring nature.
Whether you are an individual who serves or a couple struggling to connect in this life of service, Liz is here to support you and help you thrive!


California Associate Clinical Social Worker, License #101953ACT for PTSD, Anxiety, Depression & Personality DisordersCertificate in Integrated Behavioral Health and Primary CareFor license verification, click here.


Master of Science in Social Work, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration & Criminal Justice, Mount Mercy University

Counseling Rates for Liz

$120 per 50-minute individual session$135 per 50-minute couples session$200 per 90-minute couples session

Liz's Counseling Specialties

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Counseling for Moms

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Grief Counseling

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Online Counseling

Other Counseling Services provided by Liz

Trauma Counseling

Life can hit you hard, to a point where you no longer feel safe. Liz can help you find that safety again!

Marriage Counseling

When your relationship feels heavy and challenging, Liz is here to help you find that joy and light again!

Counseling for Spouses of First Responders & Military

There was no academy for spouses to know how to live this life. Liz will help you!

Online Counseling

Liz is ready to support you, no matter where you are!

Teen Counseling

Liz can help your teen better cope with the challenges in this world, and help you connect more with your teen.

Anxiety Counseling

You can receive high-quality help with Liz and find your hope again!

Critical Incident Counseling

Do you find yourself having a hard time letting go of those certain calls? Liz can help!

Cumulative Trauma Counseling

First responder work can be traumatic. When it keeps you from feeling free, Liz is here to help!

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

Carl Bard


Serving folks in person in the Monterey Bay Area and online throughout the State of California.

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