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Carolyn Hider, AMFTMental Health Counselor

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Your kiddo, your teenager, the one you love so much, is struggling and you don't know what to do! You weren't given a handbook, you may have had incredible parents or parents who showed you what not to do. But right now, you, with your kid, you don't know how to help. Maybe they are distant, maybe they have been hurt. Maybe they talk to you about everything, or nothing at all. Maybe they hurt you, or are angry at the world. You just know that you can't keep going like this. You want them to live a full, joyful life someday, you just aren't sure how to make it happen. This is where I come in!
I can help your child or teen grow into their full potential. Working with me, you will see your loved one become who they were meant to be, finding peace and harmony in their life, body and soul. You will feel connected and close with your child again! I will be there, supporting them and guiding you to build the bond you long for!
Let me help you find that peace, healing and pride in parenting. Not only will your kiddo be loving life again, but you will be rocking it as a parent! Through virtual sessions, I am able to be flexible with your schedule and meet your kiddo where they are at.

Carolyn Hider is one of our mental health counselors.
Carolyn comes from a family where service above self is not only valued, but it is also lived out. Her desire to help those who serve is shown in her care and respect for those serving in her communities. Carolyn also has a son who serves as a fire fighter in California, and she understands the culture first hand as she supports her son and his family in living this crazy lifestyle.
Carolyn has extensive experience in helping children with severe trauma and mental health issues. She also enjoy working with families and couples to strengthen the family unit and dynamics in a home. Carolyn truly feels joy when she sees her clients actually enjoy being at home with one another.
Whether you are a couple struggling to connect in this life of service, or your child or teen needs some extra support, Carolyn is here to help you find your joy and hope in your home!

Carolyn Hider is one of our clinical counselors as a registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist.


California Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #120085For license verification, click here.

Counseling Rates for Carolyn

$120 per 50-minute individual session$135 per 50-minute couples session$200 per 90-minute couples session

Carolyn's Counseling Specialties

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Grief Counseling

Photo of marine kissing spouse behind a hat, feeling joy in their marriage after completing marriage counseling.

Marriage Counseling

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Child & Teen Counseling

Other Counseling Services provided by Carolyn

Counseling for Moms

Carolyn knows the hardships of being a mother. She can help you find your joy and fulfillment again!

Trauma Counseling

Life can hit you hard, to a point where you no longer feel safe. Carolyn can help you find that safety again!

Counseling for Spouses of First Responders & Military

There was no academy for spouses to know how to live this life. Carolyn will help you!

Online Counseling

Carolyn is ready to support you, no matter where you are!

Anxiety Counseling

You can receive high-quality help with Carolyn and find your hope again!

Critical Incident Counseling

Do you find yourself having a hard time letting go of those certain calls? Carolyn can help!

Cumulative Trauma Counseling

First responder work can be traumatic. When it keeps you from feeling free, Carolyn is here to help!


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