Marriage Monday Series

We get it! Being in a first responder relationship is tough! The long hours and mandated schedules don't make it easy to be close and connected all the time.
Our in-house relationship expert, Alisha Sweyd, shares her favorite ways you and your partner can keep your relationship thriving and exciting! From communication to sex to her favorite date night spots in Monterey County, you won't be disappointed!

Why You Need to Have Sex Tonight

Now, when I say tonight, I do not just mean at night time.
BUT! You do need to plan it into your schedule!

Some say it takes away the spontaneity. Yes, sex can be exciting when it is spontaneous. But if your life right now with kids and unrealistic expectations makes “spontaneous sex” almost non-existent, then let me give you 17 different reasons why you need to plan some time to GET SOME!

Photo of a christmas tree close up of the ornaments.

5 Ways Married Couples Can Manage Holiday Stress

When it comes to the holidays, first responder families have an added layer of stress because of the demands of the job. Here are 5 ways you and your family can manage that stress a little bit easier this season!

Photo of a christmas tree close up of the ornaments.

7 Benefits of Premarital Counseling

When you are planning a wedding, it can be easy to be distracted by all of the wedding preparations. Premarital counseling can help you and your partner prepare for a marriage that can last a lifetime, as well as bring you joy and fulfillment.

Photo of a couple on their wedding day in pure bliss because of completing premarital counseling!

How to Love Your Spouse like Nobody Else!

Being in a relationship can be really hard. Especially when you aren't sure what they are supposed to look like. Read on to learn how you can love your spouse better than anyone else on the planet!

Photo of a couple kissing over a game of billiards after finding the spark during a couples counseling session.

30 Questions to Ask Your Spouse on Date Night

Have you ever been on a date with your spouse and realized you only talk about the same things? Work? Family? Finances? I have!

When you are living at the speed of life, it can be easy to become disconnected with the person you love the most. So we have a little something for you to work on creating that connection with your spouse that you have been wanting!

So try out some of these questions on your next date night and enjoy connecting with each other again!

Photo of a couple wanting into an adults only section going on a date after successfully completing marriage counseling.

What to Do After a Fight for First Responder Couples

All couples fight. What can first responder couples do after a fight to bring them back together? Here are three steps you can take to heal from a fight in your relationship!

Photo of a couple sitting on a dock leaning into each other after learning how to manage conflict well in marriage counseling.

Date Night for First Responder Couples in Monterey County

With restrictions being lifted, let's make date night a priority! First responder couples need to be fed with date night, nourished by the special and important time together. Here are a few ideas for those of you in Monterey County (or at least wanting to travel here)!

Photo of a couple holding hands on the beach enjoying date night in Monterey, California after enjoying a session of marriage counseling.

Fighting in a First Responder Marriage

Even civilian relationships struggle with conflict. Add in the stressors of the first responder life and you are set-up for an uphill struggle. Let's talk about how to handle conflict in a first responder marriage!

Photo of boxing gloves representing how conflict can impact a marriage, and how couples counseling can help.

Let's Talk About Sex!

There is so much more to sex in a marriage than just intercourse! Today, we are sharing what you need to know to have better conversations about sex, and then you and your partner can really enjoy your sex life together!

Photo of a messy bed where a couple just enjoyed fantastic sex after going through marriage counseling.

Couples Counseling for First Responders

Being a couple is hard enough, but then you add in the issues with the first responder life and you have a real challenge. Let's talk about how couples counseling can help your relationship thrive! 

Photo of a happy couple kissing on a rooftop after they have enjoyed the benefits of marriage counseling in their relationship.

8 Date Night Ideas for Responder Couples During Coronavirus

COVID-19 has made it even harder for your responder marriage to get the attention you need. We have some creative ideas to get the spark in your marriage and get date night back on the calendar again!

Photo of rose petals on a bed where a couple going through marriage counseling are able to reconnect and enjoy sex again!

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