Since the protesting began, there has been a lot of hate focused on law enforcement. This is nothing new. But that doesn't make it any less hurtful and disheartening. The hate makes it harder to wake up each morning and continue doing the work you do for a thankless job. This is not what you signed up for. But you keep doing your job because you know that, in the midst of a global pandemic, in the midst of the rioting and hate, you are a good, compassionate person trying to make the world a better place.
We see you! We hear you! And we appreciate you!
That is why we decided to gather encouragement from different law enforcement folks, to help you feel supported and seen as you continue doing the job you have been called to do. We hope you can feel encouraged and supported as you continue to serve and protect!

Photo of a man standing on the top of a mountain with his arm in the air feeling confident as a law enforcement officer after receiving counseling support.

Part 1

Code 3 Counseling reached out to many current and retired law enforcement officers for advice and encouragement to give to others who are serving. We received many responses that were wonderful and encouraging! However, due to the current cultural climate towards law enforcement, many active duty officers requested to not be quoted or identified in order to protect their confidentiality and their families. Out of respect for their service in a turbulent world, our co-founder wrote this piece based on their advice. Alisha Sweyd, LMFT shares the words of wisdom from our brothers and sisters in blue who have requested to not be identified, but still shared incredible insight!
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Part 2

The Co-Founder of Code 3 Counseling, Retired Officer Shawn R Cavin, shares his words of encouragement for those in the blue line family who are going through the rioting and hate for the first time! It's not easy, and we wish it wasn't a part of this calling. We are here for you!
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Photo of a police officer looking away from the camera thinking about using his skills from counseling to implement a positive program in his department.
Photo of a wave in a storm representing the evil that law enforcement officers protect citizens from.

Part 3

In this part of the series, Retired Police Chief Dave Bricker shares his encouragement for officers in a video! Check out his inspirational support for law enforcement!
Chief Dave Bricker retired from the Manteca Police Department in 2011 after working with them since 1969 as a police explorer. He shares a little about his time of service in the video.
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Part 4

Sergeant Gary Lee retired from the Manteca Police Department where he served for over 30 years.
He was the sergeant of the narcotics unit, but his true passion was with K9s. He was active in the K9 unit as a trainer, instructor and handler. Even after retirement, he committed to training and teaching K9 units throughout the Central Valley. In his personal life, Sergeant Lee is an avid bowler and golfer.
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Photo of the American flag behind a quote about law enforcement officers being compassionate.
Photo of a law enforcement officer in his uniform holding his infant grandson who is also dressed as a police officer.

Part 5

Officer Shawn R. Cavin is retired from Manteca Police Department. He served on as a School Resource Officer, SWAT, and on the narcotics detective unit.
Officer Cavin is the co-founder of Code 3 Counseling. In retirement, his favorite days are spent with his wife, traveling the world (pre-COVID), and spoiling their three grandchildren.
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Part 6

Tina shares her story of finding hope and encouragement within her community during the chaos of 2020. Her raw and real story speaks to the experiences of so many spouses during a time of fear and anxiety.
Tina is a Hospice Nurse in Washington State. She enjoys time with her family and friends. Her loving husband is a Police Sergeant and Commander of a Major Crimes Task Force. They have four amazing children, ages eleven through twenty-four. Their passions are hockey, going to live music and comedy shows, boating and BBQing in the summer, and travel of any kind!
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