Stay Strong & Courageous: Encouragement for Law Enforcement Part 4

Stay Strong & Courageous: Encouragement for Law Enforcement Part 4

To all my brothers and sisters still on the job...

Becoming a police officer is not what you do. Being a police officer is something you live and breathe. 

It means you have dedicated your life to being “willing”.... Willing to risk your life for others..... Others who respect you, others who don’t respect you, others who would not assist you if you were critically injured, and others who would do you harm.  

You have dedicated yourself to running to the dangers that others run away from. You have dedicated your life to be willing to stand guard through the night so others can feel safe in their homes while they sleep in their beds.  

As a police officer, you have dedicated yourself, willing to be compassionate towards those in need of compassion. Willing to be steadfast when a strong presence is necessary.  


In times like this, all that you are and all that you have dedicated yourself to be will be tested, but this is nothing new

You are a police officer and you’ve been tested every day since the day they pinned the badge over your heart.  

Remember, there are good people who know who you are. People who respect and support you. People that will stand by your side.  

These are trying times for our profession, but as always, rationality and common sense will prevail. Those who stand the line between civilization and anarchy will make the difference in this country.  

I truly believe this. And if you are still wearing the badge, you believe it also


Be strong, brothers and sisters.

Stand together and stand with the good citizens that you have dedicated your careers to being willing to protect. 



Sergeant Gary Lee, Retired Manteca Police Department