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Support Group Values


The goal of this group is to provide the spouses of law enforcement with a space to process the difficulties of a life in service. Our hope is to connect spouses in a genuine and understanding relationship with other spouses.

Security & Protection

All potential members are screened to ensure they are who they say they are. The security of our responders and their families is of the utmost importance.


The group highly values the confidentiality of its members. What is said in the group stays in the group. Group members are not allowed to discuss conversations from sessions with people outside of the group without permission.


While our LEOs went through vigorous training to serve, we spouses did not. In this group, we will discuss topics important to LEO family wellness and marriage intimacy. We will also share resources to assist with daily struggles.

In-Person & Virtual

The intention of the group is to meet in person to provide a safe space for connection and understanding. We can also provide an online group when we have enough interest.

The Security Process

To ensure the safety of our families during these uncertain times, we want to share with you the process we take to ensure that all members in attendance are who they say they are.


Sign a ROI.

The spouse will sign a Release of Information specifically for me to contact the department of the responder and the responder themselves.


We contact department.

We will contact the department with permission from the ROI to ensure responder is currently employed.


We contact the responder.

Through the department (not personal cells), we will contact the responder to ensure they are aware of their spouse attending the group.

Please note: If you are not comfortable with your spouse knowing you are attending this group, please contact me so I can explain the safety reasons as to why this is necessary. We are not able to allow folks into the group without the security process.

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