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Sometimes it stews and simmer to a slow boil. Sometimes it explodes out of nowhere. You aren't quite sure how it gets so out of control so quickly. You find yourself calling people names you don't mean. You lose your temper when someone wants to connect with you or asks you about your day. You used to be very patient, but now the fuse is short.
And your family gets the brunt of it all. The people you love the most, the ones who care about you the most. You don't mean to hurt them, you don't want to hurt them, but the anger just comes out. And then you feel worse, which makes it harder to control that anger. But you don't want to admit you are angry. Because... what would that mean for you? Your family? Your career?

You can find your calm again!

Photo of a man standing in a pool of water in front of a waterfall with his hand in the air celebrating his relief from anger issues.

Breathe that sigh of relief, because you are not doing this one alone! Through counseling sessions, you can learn ways of managing your emotions so they don't control you. We will work together to notice where the struggles start, before the anger starts to boil, so that you can respond sooner.
I use approaches that are proven to work, ones I have seen to be effective for first responders in particular. You will learn specific tools and exercises that will help you learn what the anger is telling you, and how to cope with it in a healthy and helpful way.
All counseling sessions are completely confidential, including anger management. You control who knows about your attendance, and you can rest assured we are not here to get you in trouble with your department.

Anger Management Counseling sessions last between 45-50 minutes. To know the fees and costs for sessions, look here. Sessions occur on average once every week or two weeks. Based on your goals and treatment needs, counseling can be as brief as 8-10 sessions or can be longer-term over a year or two.

Still not sure about it?

We offer a free 20-minute consultation for those interested in services. It will give you a chance to describe your particular issue, ask any questions about our experience, and help you feel more comfortable with us.

"A man who conquers himself is greater than one who conquers a thousand men in battle."



Serving folks in person in the Monterey Bay Area and online throughout the State of California.

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