The Central View: Dispatcher shares on the hate towards Law Enforcement

The Central View: Dispatcher shares on the hate towards Law Enforcement

Blue has run through my veins going on 30 years. I worked 11 years as a police dispatcher and married to an officer for 18 years. 

I have seen good times and I have seen bad, where the world loves us and then hates us. We are America’s hero’s one minute and then the enemy the next. 

But through it all, my blue family stays constant. We are bound together by camaraderie, duty and beliefs


What’s happening in today’s world is the worst we have ever seen and experienced. It’s my opinion the media has spun the public up to the point of division and hatred. 

What initially happened with an officer taking a man’s life by kneeling on him was horrific and should be handled within the confines of the law. 

Is that every police officer out there? No, absolutely not! 

Do we have police officers out there that have crossed the line and should be disciplined? Yes, absolutely!! 

Do we have politicians, judges, professional sports players, teachers, doctors, business owners, people that have crossed the line and broken the law?? Yes, absolutely!! 

Every profession has people in it that should probably be looked at and the complaints against them taken seriously and have them investigated. 


Right now, nothing for any of us is normal.

The news, the protests, the constant berating from citizens is taking its toll on everyone in law enforcement. Not to mention the fires, the heat, the smoke... and COVID-19.  

It’s beyond exhausting for everyone. And still we are expected to be nothing but professional in a world that is going crazy. 

It seems to me that it’s okay that everyone is allowed to be upset, depressed, out of sorts... but not law enforcement. Not firefighters. Not any of the first responders. 

We are to maintain standards high above everyone else. And that’s okay, it’s expected with the job. 


My worry is that responders are not checking in on their mental health until it is too late.

Law enforcement is in a terrible situation right now. And with the media not on our side, we have a long road ahead of us. 

I truly believe the media has the ability to turn this all around, but I think they have no intention of doing that. I recently watched a live protest close to home and there were a couple situations where the protestor was in the wrong, but it was spun to make you believe it was other bystander’s fault. It’s awful and shameful. 

There is so much hatred and segregation. It can feel hopeless. It can be overwhelming. 

So stop and check in on yourself and your own mental health, and the wellbeing of your brothers and sisters in blue.

I know for me, writing is pretty therapeutic. It helps me to decompress. 

Other things that I find helpful are working out pretty much every day. And also working on my side business painting custom signs. Painting helps me clear my mind and reset. 

I also love seeing my kids and grandkids when time permits for everyone. 

Oh! And one more thing... I love to cook and bake!

So find what helps you to decompress, and make sure to do it regularly, if not daily. 


In light of all that is happening, I am proud to be in the law enforcement community.

I am proud to be a first responder. 

I am proud of my brothers and sisters that continue to protect us in our troubled times. 

We live in the best place on Earth! 

I believe people are good. 

I believe we will find peace among us all again.




Marci Jones

911 Dispatcher